Stressed Asset Resolution

Last few years were turbulent for the Indian Banking sector on account of cropping up many band loans. As a result, IBC mechanism introduced, induced stricter timelines for timely resolution and earlier restructuring schemes dropped outrightly for timely initiation of resolution process. Market also saw heavy funding rounds with ARC’s (Asset Reconstruction Companies) to facilitate acquisition of stressed assets on right time in right prices.

Tapping this opportunity, we ventured into this vertical by acquiring the detailed understanding of the stressed asset recovery and management process and strike a deal with a win-win scene for both – the lenders and the borrowers. We have a network of renowned ARC’s whereby we interact with the lenders of stressed assets and strike a deal by way of OTS (One Time Settlement) or ARC route. We try to get the best pricing to the client in both the scenarios. Further, the client gets a breathing period by way of flexible repayment schedules and moratoriums which in turn allows the venture to revive and regrow.